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Heilsa, devs!

First post, and first of all I want to shout out a loud THANK YOU to the maintainers1 for their amazing work in making this available to the Linux PC Master Race! :joy: :rofl:

Secondly, I have only just started (the Getting Started section of the Documentation has been of tremendous help) and everything seems to work as intended. Running Manjaro x64 20.01 (i3), and it runs like a Buick!

I had just a few questions:

  1. I haven’t begun to mess with mobile, but does anyone know for certain the Android build process works as intended on S2DTux? A tentative search seems to suggest that it does (thanks to recent bugfixes), but is it a smooth experience?
  2. Does S2D Native work on Linux?
  3. Are plugins all compatible, or are some platform specific (obviously in ways that aren’t immediately apparent)?
  4. I see the last Github commit was a few months ago, are you most excellent dudes still actively working on Solar2DTux? I see posts about beta builds here in the forum from around September, but Github doesn’t reflect it.

I apologize if these questions have been answered. I did my due diligence, but I am not the best at Search Fu, and so I may have missed some things. I had a lot of other questions to which I did find answers, though, so that was good.

1 Danny, I’ll see what I can do about fixing you up with a cup of Joe.

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  1. Yep, to the best of my knowledge, android builds work fine. You’ll need to switch to the Dev branch on GitHub to read the up to date setup guide.

  2. It’s not set up yet. You can just add your project to the source code for now I guess.

  3. All lua plugins are. Others no. My TFD plugin works (as I ported it). I’ll be porting the UTF8 and zip plugins next.

  4. I am, I’ve just been sick. The master branch isn’t active yet (I’ll explain later), so follow the Dev branch for now. I made some commits today. You can get the latest builds via the discord for now.

That’s currently the only place to get them.

Automated builds and GitHub stable builds will be done soonish.

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

I have to say, this is a very welcoming and friendly community. Seems mature too. I love Lua, and I really want to make games using it, but Love is kinda cringe with the lewd and sophomoric naming conventions. Defold is overkill for my purposes, and the other bits and bobs of the Lua-verse are either incomplete or abandoned (anyone heard of Leadwerks? Yea…whoops.).

Good stuff, not trying to be a Negative Nelson, but the professionalism and lively interaction here is refreshing. I attempted to use Corona many moons ago, but my understanding of the development process for games in that dim long-ago was very immature and incomplete. Solar2DTux just…makes sense!

I do believe I’ve found my niche, after a day of coding and conversing.

All the warm fuzzy business out of the way, I’ll pop over to the repo and see if there’s a How to Contribute section. You seem to have a full plate. Are there a lot of folks assisting you already, or are you actively seeking contributions atm? I’m a linguist as well as coder, so I can assist with localization. Incidentally, this means I also tend towards being a slightly-above-mediocre writer, if documentation is needed (for the Linux port specifically). I am also not afraid to get my hands dirty with code either, should that be needful.

Anywho, look forward to diving into the community and the rip-roaring world of Solar2D.



I’ll pop over to the repo and see if there’s a How to Contribute section. You seem to have a full plate. Are there a lot of folks assisting you already, or are you actively seeking contributions atm?

There should be, again, on the dev branch.

It’s currently just me solo, and has been for nearly the whole thing (minus the console which I made in collaboration with a friend).

I’m open to contributions, but would like to hold off until the “official” release is out on GitHub. It’ll just make everything simpler.

There’s currently no localisation being done really (in terms of the menu item strings etc). That’s something that would be a nice addition. Once I build a framework to handle it of course.

Thanks for the kind words. Seeing people using this after the hard work that has gone into it, is extremely rewarding.