Solar2D’s brightest future is Arcades?

Glitchbit is prepping for the release of the world’s first drinkcade™, Retro Raccoons. It’s called a “drinkcade” because players need to place a drink in the cup holders to participate (patented.) However, Retro Raccoons can also be set on traditional cash mode (not using the drink sensors) for family friendly commercial locations.

The colorful, 4-player game uses Solar2D and runs on Linux. This is the second arcade announcement on the forums this month (the other by exA-Arcadia) so perhaps Solar2D’s brightest future is in the arcades? More information to come soon.




Alright, this looks absolute awesome and I’m sure it’d be a lot of fun to play with friends (though I’m not sure I’ll see this game in Finland anytime soon).

The timing of the release does seem quite unfortunate though given how many countries and US states are enforcing stricter and stricter coronavirus restrictions again.


Looks very cool. Is it waterproof (or beer proof)?

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In a word. Wow!

I see a lot of new content there and it all looks phenomenal!

Good on you Ray.

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Thank you, yea COVID has def. created challenges in the amusement industry. In spite of this, there’s still a solid amount of interest in Retro Raccoons, lookin’ forward to introducing people to a Solar2D arcade.

To protect against spills, the Retro Raccoons’ control panel features a clear glaze, the arcade is ETL certifed and an optional liquid tray can be purchased for the inside of the cabinet to help collect liquid.


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Ed, thank you for the kind words. For anyone new to Solar2D, Ed is a great resource and very knowledgable on all things LUA, he helped in the prototyping stage of Retro Raccoons.