profile updates

Just to let everybody know, I’ve rolled out a couple of updates to the marketplace!

Profiles now incorporate a bio section, with the avatar moved over to the side so that you can brag a little about yourself and your library of assets.

Profiles also now incorporate a links section under the avatar, so that you can link to social media profiles, crowdfunding services, code repositories, etc. Some people like to host their free plugins on this site which is absolutely fine, so hopefully this creates a useful mechanic for pointing people towards Patreon etc if you’re not using the on-site payment mechanics.

To edit your profile, just log in and navigate to that page from the profile link in the side menu. The usual edit icons pop up in both of the new sections, same as how avatar and profile images work.

Avatars are now square, just because it fits better with the square asset thumbnails. So if your avatar is currently optiised for showing round, you might want to edit.

The home page feature slider is no longer static. I’d intended to periodically replace the slides in that but it’s just never on any priorities list so frankly hadn’t happened since launch! Instead, the system now randomly grabs slides on page load from eligible profile pages to link to. To be eligible for inclusion, you just need to upload a profile image and have at least 1 live marketplace item. Everybody meeting those criteria has equal weight here - it’s not just picking out those with popular items or anything like that.

There’s now also a page about marketplace fees which I’m hopeful better clarifies why the pricing model is what it is. I’ve always felt this just wasn’t clear enough before, and have to say I’m a little gobsmacked that nobody has ever complained about it!

Hoping to add an asset review mechanic in the coming weeks too. And a few other long overdue updates.