Solar2DTux pre-release build testing - get it here - Solar2D Simulator on Linux!

Solar2DTux is the Linux version of Solar2D. It provides you with a Simulator, Console and the ability to build native Linux apps, along with Android apps.

Solar2DBuilder (CoronaBuilder) has also been ported, along with a nearly fully functional Simulator feature set (compared to Windows/Mac). Please read the changelog below for more info on everything that has been changed/fixed/added.

If you want to support the project via GitHub sponsors (current donations are very low, we could use your support), checkout the project’s sponsor page on GitHub here:, or failing that, you can buy me a coffee here: - Work is ongoing and I’m extremely dedicated to this project, as is Rob Craig who is responsible for the excellent Linux Console program.

Here is what I’m targeting as v1 of Solar2DTux.
To run it, just download it from the link below, then follow the steps ahead:

1 - Extract the folder to your Desktop
2 - Open a terminal in the Solar2DTux folder you extracted
3 - Run ./ from the terminal you opened. You will be prompted for your password. This installs all the dependencies, copies Tux to your /opt folder and grabs the sample code. It then deletes the Solar2DTux folder you extracted earlier.
4 - Open your applications menu (or hit the windows key) and type Solar2D and you’ll see Solar2DTux listed.
5 - Click it and it should launch the console, then the simulator :slight_smile:

I’m very interested in initial impressions, feedback and any bugs you find. If there are no serious issues, I’ll be pushing this release to GitHub as the official v1 release later.

Supported Linux variants:

  • Ubuntu, Lubuntu, XUbuntu, Kubuntu.
  • POP!_OS, Linux Mint.
  • Manjaro, Arch, Endeavor.
  • It will run on other Linux variants, you’ll just have to modify the installer script to use the package manager from your OS (rpm, etc).

Download here (for now):

Here’s an extremely long, messy & un-formatted changelog of all the changes between when I took over the project and now:

Solar2D on Linux is something I know a lot of you have dreamed about for a long time. Well, now it’s a reality.


EDIT: Fixed the download link


Release from above has been updated to reflect a new feature and a bug fix. Download link is the same as before (see main post). If you’ve already installed it, just install it again following the instructions from above.


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Hello there,
I have installed Solar2DTux by following steps mentioned above, but can’t seem to figure out how to start a new project. On clicking the Solar2D icon it launches the console, but doesn’t start the simulator

It is my first time using Solar2d, so can anyone please tell me if I am missing something? Also thanks to all developers.

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Hello! @thisis0m

Thanks for trying it out. Hmm… I haven’t seen that issue personally during testing. I’d love to know more!.

Would you be able to join the Solar2D discord channel, so we can chat one to one over text so I can gather more info from you? If not, send me a PM and we can go over it in detail.

You can get more info on why it failed to start by running this in a terminal: sh /opt/Solar2D/

Thank you.

Discord: < (then go to the #linux channel on Discord).

PS: What version of Ubuntu are you on ? (I’m assuming Ubuntu, based on your screenshot).


Thanks for your correspondence, I have joined the discord channel (username: 18.04) and will soon get in touch there.
Your assumption is right I am on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.


Hi, great news !

for now, it doesn’t work on my Debian 10 KDE => ./Solar2DSimulator: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

and can’t get this one on Debian…

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Hey @Zed2770.

You’ll probably need to modify the installer script for Debian 10. It only handles the Ubuntu variants + mint and POP_OS! by default (+ some Arch based distros).

It naturally needs the dependencies installing to work. jpegturbo should also be compatible. You may need to create a symlink from it (hard link) in /usr/lib named however.

Let me know how it goes. Also, join our discord and join in on the Linux channel.

As this is still a pre-release, I’m still ironing out the kinks before the official release is put out there.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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You’re doing great work Danny.

If anyone wants to help support Danny’s Linux/Solar2D work, buy him a coffee here:

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The crashing issue that thisis0m reported has been fixed and the build has been updated.

You can download it from the same link as in the first post.
I’m currently investigating graphical issues on AMD/Intel cards and also Android builds no longer building successfully.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the status of those issues.

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Build has been updated to fix Android builds not working on Ubuntu* based distributions.

Download and run the installer again from the link in the first post to get the update.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Fixed the download link. Sorry about that.

Been a lot of changes since I last posted, including a new Android build system just released today.

As always, I appreciate any feedback or feature requests.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

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