sound when i click an object

i try to add a sound whenever I click on the balloon. What I did wrong? My print (tapSound) results in “nill”

local composer = require( "composer" )

local scene = composer.newScene()

local widget = require("widget")


-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-- Code outside of the scene event functions below will only be executed ONCE unless

-- the scene is removed entirely (not recycled) via "composer.removeScene()"

-- ---------------------------, --------------------------------------------------------

local background

local platform

local balloon

local tapCount=0

local tapText

local physics = require( "physics")

local tapSound

local menuButton

local function pushBalloon(event)

    balloon:applyLinearImpulse(0, -0.50, balloon.x, balloon.y)

    tapCount = tapCount + .5

    tapText.text = tapCount

    tapText:setFillColor(0, 0, 0)




local function touchFloor()

    tapCount = tapCount - 1

    tapText.text = tapCount

    tapText:setFillColor(1, 0, 0)


local function menu()

    composer.gotoScene("menu", {effect="slideUp", time=700})


-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-- Scene event functions

-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-- create()

function scene:create( event )

    local sceneGroup = self.view

    tapSound = audio.loadSound( "assets/random.wav" )

    -- Code here runs when the scene is first created but has not yet appeared on screen


-- show()

function scene:show( event )

    local sceneGroup = self.view

    local phase = event.phase

    if ( phase == "will" ) then

        background = display.newImageRect("assets/background.png", 460*1.2, 570*2.3)

        background.x = display.contentCenterX

        background.x = display.contentCenterY


        platform = display.newImageRect("assets/platform.png", 300, 50)

        platform.x = display.contentCenterX

        platform.y = display.contentHeight-25



        balloon = display.newImageRect("assets/balloon.png", 112, 112)

        balloon.x = display.contentCenterX

        balloon.y = display.contentCenterY

        balloon.alpha = 0.8



        tapText = display.newText(tapCount, display.contentCenterX, 10, native.systemFont, 40)


        tapText:setFillColor( 0, 0, 0)

        menuButton = widget.newButton({label="Menu", left= 75, top=500 })



        -- Code here runs when the scene is still off screen (but is about to come on screen)

    elseif ( phase == "did" ) then



        physics.addBody( platform, "static")

        physics.addBody( balloon, "dynamic", { radius = 45, bounce = 0.3})

        balloon:addEventListener( "tap", pushBalloon )

        balloon:addEventListener("collision", touchFloor)

        menuButton:addEventListener("touch", menu)

        -- Code here runs when the scene is entirely on screen



-- hide()

function scene:hide( event )

    local sceneGroup = self.view

    local phase = event.phase

    if ( phase == "will" ) then

        tapCount = 0


        -- Code here runs when the scene is on screen (but is about to go off screen)

    elseif ( phase == "did" ) then

        -- Code here runs immediately after the scene goes entirely off screen



-- destroy()

function scene:destroy( event )

    local sceneGroup = self.view

    -- Code here runs prior to the removal of scene's view



-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-- Scene event function listeners

-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

scene:addEventListener( "create", scene )

scene:addEventListener( "show", scene )

scene:addEventListener( "hide", scene )

scene:addEventListener( "destroy", scene )

-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

return scene`Preformatted text`

I do not see a scope issue, so I would try to verify that the file exists in that location. Check the spelling/capitalization of the file and directory. Also, I believe the wav file has to be in a 16-bit uncompressed format.

The loadSound function also has an optional second parameter that you may want to try…

baseDir (optional)

Constant. By default sound files are expected to be in the project folder (system.ResourceDirectory). If the sound file is in the application documents directory, use system.DocumentsDirectory.

This has apparently already been resolved over at Solar2D’s Discord channel.

@Cheburashka, if you’d like to post your solution here for others to see, that’d be great.

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