Store Listing Translations

Do I need to add translated store listing? Including them with images and videos, also translated, can increase my app sales?

It is a very strenuous task. I added 10 languages to my app but the store listing is in English and the images/videos too.

Thank in advance

We asked our publisher this question and they though the store listings weren’t worth the effort. We eventually just translated the first Paragraph and left the rest as English. I have heard keywords in multi-languages help.

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Ok, I will try to do the translations as well as possible. I want keywords to help me in organic searches … each app or game has a different marketing strategy.

I have a couple of related questions. When I advertise an app I always come across people saying that my app is not available in their country’s store. The reason that they aren’t there is that I only make them available in the countries where >50% of people understand English. I figure that annoying more than half of the potential users is probably not a good idea. But what about all those people that do understand?

Do most devs here just make their apps available everywhere without worrying about potential language issues?

@IBG - of my 4 apps, all are in English only, with 1 exception in 7 languages. I make the games available in every country.

It is a very tedious task but as soon as the Spanish store listing was finished, I received purchases from Mexico.