Strange behavior on multitasking android apps

Today I noticed that my apps when going to multitasking or background applications do not retain the image (screenshot). All other apps keep that image, but mine doesn’t. I don’t know if it is an internal problem in the solar2d sdk or is it something I need to fix in my code. I attach an image. The native objects can be seen, in the case of this image you will see the text boxes.

I assume you’re using catpureScreen()?

If so, that is a known issue and listed in the API docs under gotchas:

Hello @roaminggamer I’m glad to hear from you! It is not something like I code it like this, I do not use captureScreen() api … it is the native behavior of android when it uses the square button that sends you to where all the open apps are. I think it is something new when building with the latest daily build.

You say latest daily build I say, what build number exactly?

Also, are you saying you can build hello world, install it, run it, suspend it and the see something like the above? i.e. Have you confirmed this is a universal issue or just in your game/app?

This is interesting, but I hesitate to get involved w/ debug till I hear more details on how to reproduce this and how you have so far tried to debug this.

On my Pixel 3A XL, I downloaded one of my experimental games:

This was updated recently with Solar 2D 2020.3601.

I ran it, suspended it, the swiped up to get the ‘currently open in the backround’ apps carousel.

My screen is NOT all black. That doesn’t tell us much, but it is more info.

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I download your game, good mechanics! It seems that the problem is in the Motorola G8 Plus android, the smartphone that I am using right now. Your game also has black screen issues on my device.

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Good to know. Thanks for doing that experiment. I wonder what the cause is.

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I have two android devices and have the same problem on each

@EncoldG - Details please.

  • What devices?
  • Running what version(s) of Android?
  • What app(s) did you test (If Google play apps, provide links if possible or if standard Solar 2D demos, give the demo titles).
  • If you know, What version of Solar 2D was used to build the app(s)/game(s).

After restarting both devices, no problems. But after a while appeared again only with solar projects (some games and demos).
Asus (andr - 6.0 2017) and Alcatel (andr 9.0 2019)