Strange things happening with new build on iPad Pro!?

I have updated my game using build 2020.3617 on iOS using 14.0 BETA.
When I test my game on an iPadPro on iOS 14 I see changes in some GUI element placements.
For example: A back button which always has appeared correctly in the top left corner is now placed a little bit outside the screen size / cut of 10 pixels or something.
GUI elements in the center of the screen are now overlapping a little bit where before was some space between them.

Another issue I have is when trying to purchase items in the game. The transactionListener closes the call at first try and more. Sometime I get a purchase window from the store for the item after three tries. When clicking it I have to wait, then get the feedback the item was purchased BUT sometimes (and not always) the correct state inside the transactionlistener seems not to get the info because the code for the purchase then is NOT used!
Did something change in the last builds when purchasing products on iOS? Has the transactionListener code to be changed? (I have not updated since March 2020)

I am using ads (admob and unity) in the game. With banner.height I was checking for ads on screen to move up my graphics a little bit when a banner is shown. Now in this version the graphics are NOT moved up even when an ad is shown on screen.

Another issue I find strange: In the simulator my physics objects and physics collisions are shown in strange ways, like for example I check for collisions to NOT overlap objects, but when they should overlap they normally stay on one side of a static object for example and then “Jump” to the other side, when for example the position is moving to the other side. In the simulator the object is starting to flicker between those positions, not staying on one side of the object. On device this is working fine.

Any help welcome… especially about the store changes!