Sublime Syntax for Corona Editor

Hey Fam,

A sublime syntax file I was working on few months back. It’s not 100%, but is definitely functional. Feel free to add or modify.

CoronaSDKLua.sublime-syntax (17.0 KB)

Usage - Install Corona Editor - Install Package Resource Viewer - Navigate to Corona Editor via Package Resource Viewer(Open Resource) - Finally: File>Save

There should now be a folder named Corona Editor located inside AppData>Roaming>Sublime Text 3>Packages>Corona Editor

  • Replace “CoronaSDKLua.sublime-syntax” with the one you downloaded here.


Can you submit this to the official repository on GitHub so everyone can see what’s new?

Not very familiar with the GitHub. However, I did create an account and give it a shot. Naturally, it would not let me push changes due to permissions.

In turn,
I did create a Repository and uploaded the new syntax file, also forked and added the new file.

You can submit a pull request to the original repo so @vlads or @personalnadir can review.