Sublime syntax problem


I installed Corona Editor (Solar 2D editor) for sublime and it colorizes the code nicely. However, as soon as I save my work, everything goes back to plain white. When I run “Set Syntax: Corona Lua” from Command Pallette, all the code becomes colorized until I save the code again by pressing ctrl+s.

Any idea on how to stop the code from losing its syntax coloration?


This issue should have been solved by the latest build. Can you confirm your plugin version is up-to-date? It should be 1.7.6.

To check your version:
Corona Editor - About Corona(or Solar2D) Editor

(If all else fails, can you try removing the package and reinstalling again? Instructions here ->

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Hi @bgmadclown

Thanks for your response. I was using the 1.7.4 version. Removed it and followed your link and did this: Tools > Command Palette… > Package Control: Add Repository and it fixed the problem.

Thanks a lot!

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