Submit your Corona built Apps!

We have created a new submission form at:

Where you can share your new Cororna apps as well as any unique developer stories that you might have.  This form will make your app eligible for the App of the week, potential media opportunities and more perks as well.

Of course, we welcome you to continue to post about your new apps and development projects here in this forum.  Just start a new thread for your new app.

Please only submit apps built with Corona SDK, Corona Enterprise or CoronaCards. Any violators will be blocked as spammers.


Your Developer Relations team

Useful information. I am not into app development but one of my friend working as a Application developer I will pass this information to him so that he will submit his applications.

Hi, just wondering are you still doing the App of the Week? I’ve noticed there hasn’t been one since early December. Thanks!

It’s on a temporary hiatus.


I emailed Inna about there not being any app of the week any more, she is the one who used to do them and I wanted to get my brothers latest game featured, and she said that she left Corona for another company in December. She said she doesn’t know who is doing it now but they seemed to be losing interest at the end because most of the apps submitted were not very good.

Rob, do you really think you will bring it back? If you do is my brothers game still eligible even if it was released 2 months ago?

I would think we would like to restart it.  But I don’t know when.  I would say it would be 50/50 on going back and looking at apps released since the last time we did it.  I think the biggest issue for you is us not knowing when  we would start it again and therefore I wouldn’t count on it.


Fred - Quick note on this. Just to make sure the correct info is out there: the App of the Week “hiatus” has nothing to do with apps not being “very good”. There are lots of great apps made with Corona out there and there have been for a long time.

What is clear is that having a weekly post for apps was not a big driver for downloads, and it was a bit of a distraction for us. So we’re going to see if we can come up with something that is more impactful for everyone. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them.


Impact is something I am finding hard to get. Our initial drop saw a couple hundred downloads, followed by a exponential decay over the next few days. Then we started with the ads and are seeing a minor uptick in dailies. Nothing to yell about though. 

Indy games are a hard row to hoe. But we are staying hopeful. 

See what you guys think about our new App - FlowerPowerHD - a crazy new platformer:

Anything Corona can think of that can be a way to help collaborate with developers to get publicity for their apps would be greatly appreciated. It may be a great app, but if nobody can find it, nothing will happen.


Paul Christensen

Tamarac Apps

Please suggest me any forum or site where I can upload apps developed by me of diffeetn plaforms like android and iOS. Is it paid to upload corona app to coronalabs?


I made a simple game in my free time,(I am making a better game now).

the game I made :

I made this game to test the amazon app store , I hope that I get a feedback about the game.


We have been developing with corona about four months and this is the outcome:

Tell us what you think about this mobile game.

(OS version will be availaible soon)

Hi everyone  :) 

First new game for Android called SentioTap Emoji available now with loads of features for a fun experience. Get it now from Google Play Store or  Amazon app store for free.

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Hi, wasn’t aware of this thread, so a bit to late … We have made this game in corona some month ago.

It’s called “Fish&Spell”, and we were trying to make a spelling game where the spelling exercise weren’t diminishing the game, but actually making the game more fun to play … And we think we nailed it - And appstore statistics show us that (the few) people that has downloaded our game has quite big difficulties putting it down again!

Regarding the development of the game, it went quite smooth. 

Actually it didn’t take us more than two month, and most of the work was crafting data for the 100 playable levels + testing! Quite impressive what you can achieve with corona and spine combined!

Link to the game in IOS

Link to the game for Android

Have Fun 

@Anton … I’ll follow your announcement with mine.  (the original “Share” link now leads to a “let us publish your app” page,

so we seem to have lost the favored way of announcing new apps).

I wanted to mention our app not because of sales (*no one* here will really want it :slight_smile: … but to let Coronalabs

add another notch to their Corona app success list.

We released PhotoLinx, designed to be used by one or two nurseries  (the kind that grow plants).

We’re distributing the Android version outside the app store because, well because we *can* (thanks, Google!)

Created via Corona SDK, and using Lerg’s QR/barcode scanner plugin.

The rich experience of Corona proves that its built to support mesmerising 2D games and apps. Corona has always helped developers to create a whole new gaming experience by building amazing games and apps in a short time span.

Hello, we a re really pleased to release our corona built game called ‘Crazy Conveyors’.

Have fun, any feedback would be gratefully received.


Hi guys, please check out also our games, made using corona sdk, we absolutely love corona for simplicity and for EVERYTHING.

Kinkin Shadow of Light - a simple turn-based rpg.

and a spin-off Kinkin Run

Hi, I have recent release two Puzzle Games on Google Play.

Check out my games here:

Links Puzzle - a puzzle game - only for intelligent people - :wink:


Connection! - a puzzle game too

Hi, here my recent release (an arcade game called red shape)

Thanks Corona!!!