Super Starter kit 2

I found SSK2 at Super Starter Kit 2

But it doesn’t explain what their libraries are, what they actually do and how to use them with Solar2D…

Can anyone point me to information about this please?

Please read the stuff on the ssk2 home page carefully, I think everything is covered there. Of course, you need a basic understanding of solar2D to use it.

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Hi. I am the developer of SSK2.

  1. @Kan98 is correct. SSK2 requires that you do have a decent knowledge of Corona/Solar2D as a foundation. It isn’t the place to start (if you’re brand new to this.
  • The word ‘Starter’ in SSK2 doesn’t imply this is where new folks start. Sorry :frowning:
  1. Docs here: Super Starter Kit 2

  2. Latest copy here: GitHub - roaminggamer/SSK2: Super Starter Kit 2

  3. You can see some features by:
    a. Unzipping downloaded SSK2 archive.
    b. Copying folder ssk2 into validation
    c. Load main.lua (from validation) with Solar2D simulator.

  1. I have an entire portfolio of free game templates, most of which use SSK2: Template Portfolio Release

  2. Some of my examples in RF_FreeStuff (especially the AskEd folder) use ssk2: GitHub - roaminggamer/RG_FreeStuff: Roaming Gamer's Free Stuff Repository

AskEd is where I used to provide code when answering Forms questions. There are about 500 examples in that folder, organized by year and month.

  1. Finally, if you are trying to solve a specific problem/tasks just ask here and mention SSK2 or me in your post. I’ll see if there is an SSK2 answer for your question.
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Thank you very much for taking the trouble to provide a very comprehensive answer.

Yes, I’m new to Solar2D and so I’ll need time to learn, and so far I managed to get the Validation samples running in the Solar simulator.

Glad to see the Forum is very good to help.

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I would suggest you do download all my Corona/ Solar2D related archives, and peek and poke them for fun.

To learn I’d start with these resources instead:
API Reference - Solar2D Documentation — API Reference
Guides - Solar2D Documentation — Developer Guides
Tutorials - Solar2D Documentation — Tutorials
Getting Started - Solar2D Documentation — Developer Guides | Getting Started

Once more, do post questions here, there is a great cadre of active and knowledgeable users.

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