Tapporcry - Intense tapping action on iOS and Android

Hi, I recently released “Tapporcry" (as in Tap Or Cry) on iOS and Android. It’s a small game I’ve been working on (on the side) since 2017.

Initially my goal was to create a simple looking game without fancy artwork and luxuries like that. Something I could finish within reasonable time. However, three years later the game is packed with my own artwork, music and sfx. I loved the process of creating the game and can’t wait to begin expanding it with more levels, enemies and so forth.

You can watch the trailer here:

Tapporcry website here:

Appreciate any feedback, thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi Kenni! Congratulations for releasing you own game! Looks great, really nice graphics and eye-catching icon!

Downloaded and tried it. Easy to get started and seems fun, but I won’t review the gameplay since I’m not really in the target audience for hyper-casual tapping games.

One thing I did notice that I think you should fix is that the status bar did not hide on my iPhone XR. When flipping my phone in horizontal direction the status bar was still visible on the left which was a little annoying and took some focus away from the pretty graphics of the game.

I also have a question for you: Which program(s) did you use to make the trailer? Looked very good with the animated captions at the bottom!

Hi Kenny,

I live in Italy. In my market doesn’t appear.
; (
When you will release in Italy ?

do you nedd an help in transaltion :wink:


Hi Markus.

That’s great - thanks for trying my game and for your feedback. Will look into fixing the status bar issue.

The trailer and animated captions were all mainly created with Adobe Premiere Pro (designed in PhotoShop). Slightly animated Northmice logo in the end was done in After Effects.

@Renato - I just checked both the App Store and Google Play and both state the game is released in Italy. Maybe I’m overlooking something?

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Hello Kenni! I tried game and I really like it. Graphics and sounds are good quality.
I can see navigation bar on my LG G7 (Android 9) and I agree its somewhat disturbing.

Update: Also I wasnt able to use my side buttuns to change sound volume once app started. I tried to restart app but it didnt help. If I suspended app, buttons started to work again in Android. Maybe you have set some key listener or something?

Hey Northmice,

It looks really good. The App Store icon is especially catchy!
I played it a few times, and it is fun.

Best of luck to you on this game.



I forgot to ask, who do you use for the ad service ?
I thought the ads were good, and I thought the choice for the user to choose to personalize or not-personalize the ads was a nice feature.

Thank you @atanasovskyjiri and @ripps7 :slight_smile:. Navigation bar and button issue on Android has been moved to top of todo list - will look into those.

@ripps7 - regarding the ads, I use Appodeal.

I can help you with translation to Lithuanian and Rusian :wink:
And I have one question:
How do you build your app for iOS?

Hi ConveyedRex7592. I just built the app using the simulator. Build -> iOS. However, that was before it became Solar2D.

Nice - gave a it a play and a review. I actually made a game based on a similar concept a while back (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=au.com.optusnet.joelutting.WhackIt) but yours is wayyy better.

Wow, thanks for the review @joelutting! :slight_smile: You are right, our games do have somewhat similar game mechanics. Will give your game a try and review/rate also.

For those interested, here’s a short promo video about what’s next for Tapporcry - besides fixing boring bugs.

I downloaded in South Korea.
Good graphics and sounds.
How many people do you work with ?

Hi @kaeguree - thanks for trying out my game. :slight_smile: It’s just me - I’m creating the game on my own. Everything from coding to artwork to sound, music, videos, etc.

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Kenni @Northmice, way to go!! Very impressive!

Your avatar picture must be from BEFORE you started on Tapporcry - I don’t see the white beard! Ha

Tapporcry is pretty solid and runs amazingly smooth, even on my 7 year old Moto G.

One small issue, maybe by design, once the game starts I can’t control the volume from the hardware Volume Button.


The quality of design seems pretty high.
I am doing my apps myself too. but I’m having trouble with images and sounds.

Hi @MadDogDean, many many thanks for trying my game and great to know it’s running smooth on your Moto G. And yes, the white beard, creepy old nose and bony fingers magicly vanished once I got the game released. However, with these Android bugs I hear about it’s beginning to grow out again. :slight_smile: hehe.

and @kaeguree - thanks. I know artwork and sound can be painful. Many of the sounds in Tapporcry is just me grunting into the mic, trying to sound like a zombie or sounding like someone getting punched - then I pitch it like crazy to the point where it sounds ok. Or I layer/combine several sounds to form the one sound I need and then add a bunch of time stretching/pitching and so on, so it becomes my own sound in the process - sort of like sculpting a sound.

Hi there. Finished up the artwork for the new Graveyard level I’m working on for Tapporcry - that was a lot of work. :slight_smile:

Created the progress-video below to show the new enemies and a new sneak peek - also wrote a blogpost about it here: http://www.northmice.games/blog/graveyard-enemies

Next up it’s time to do some coding and finish this level-thing up.

Hi again. Mega, incredibly happy to announce that the long awaited G-G-Graveyard update for Tapporcry has finally been released. New creepy level, monsters and music + tons of improvements. Ended up taking way more time than expected :slight_smile:

Download from App Store

Download from Google Play

You can watch the updated trailer below and I also wrote a post about it here: http://www.northmice.games/blog/graveyard-update-released