Tenjin plugin needs updating

I’ve implemented the Tenjin plugin and it reports sales/revenue automatically for my Android app. However, it does NOT report installs for either Android or iOS and doesn’t report sales/revenue on iOS.

I contacted their support and here is what they said:

I checked (the Tenjin support rep) with Engineering and we currently are not supporting the Solar2D plugin officially from our end. Can you check with Coronalabs regarding the issue, as they are maintaining the plugin?
These are the SDKs we officially support: Sending Events to Tenjin · Tenjin Documentation

I’m not currently making any calls to the plugin other than tenjin.init. Do I have to make any other calls for installs to be received and put into the Tenjin database?

I pushed an update earlier to Tenjin and it is now using the latest sdk

Also just ran a test and seems to work fine on iOS (and Android)

Edit: the photo is from the diagnostics>sdk live data section from a test device

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nice work, Scott - it works now