Testflight Crash After Launch

Not sure if Xcode 12 is causing the issue. Stupidly I updated to Xcode 12. I was not able to build even to install an app locally. So I reinstalled Xcode 11.7, changed the Command line tools back to 11.7, and voila I could build and load the app directly onto the devices.

Now I have a problem with the same working app, when I put it through Testflight it crashed right after launch.

Have you any idea or experienced this? (I replaced my bundle id below with default for this post)

Interesting thing to note, when I disable internet connection and launch the app, it does not crash.

Failed to find a beta app with bundleID: “com.mydomain.myapp”

Received a beta app crash notification for com.mydomain.myapp

Sending event: com.apple.stability.crash {“appVersion”:“1.0.1”,“bundleID”:“com.mydomain.myapp”,“exceptionCodes”:“KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000e41706f80”,“logwritten”:1,“process”:“All Fours”,“terminationReasonExceptionCode”:“0xb”,“terminationReasonNamespace”:“SIGNAL”}

Interestingly I am able to build on Xcode 12, but I do notice that it depends on the plugins you are using. I also stupidly let my machine update Xcode and don’t have the space to have 2 installed.

In my opinion it has to be top priority to get Solar working properly for Xcode 12. We can’t be one version behind Apple for some time just because it still works to build using Xcode 11.7.

After updating my iPhone to iOS 14 Xcode 11.7 wouldn’t recognize it anymore, so I couldn’t install my app onto it. That’s my reason for installing Xcode 12. But then of course, it turned out that I couldn’t build with Xcode 12 so I had to reinstall Xcode 11.7 alongside it…

We shouldn’t have to be afraid to install the latest versions of the main tools used to build our apps. And it’s also an absolute must to be able to test on the latest iOS version.


@Markus_Ranner if you are a paid user then maybe you can exert some influence?

Either way, I agree that supporting the latest platforms is a must for Solar.

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I don’t think I’m sponsoring enough right now to really have any influence on the development work all by myself…

But I hope that the more of us that highlights version compatibility as a problem, the greater the chance of it being prioritized. Because it really is a big problem for any serious app developer not knowing what’s happening when new OS versions come out.


I figured out Admob was causing the crash through x-code simulator or test flight install. Once admob is not initialized the app runs fine.

Anyone know if there is a procedure for Admob when working on beta’s for live app updates?