Thanks Again to All at Solar2d More releases

Just another thank you to everybody at Solar2d for all the hard work you put in and support you provide. Just had 2 more apps accepted with apple although definitely more of a fight with GDPR compliance etc. always wanted to release word related games and I like challenging ones so came up with these Word Mastermind is a much harder version of Wordle type guessing game and Only connect WordWall is based on the UK TV show only connect which is a real challenge !! Anyway thanks again, Is there anywhere we store apps released with Solar2D to promote this great engine ?

Only Connect WordWall

Daily Word Mastermind

Onwards and upwards


Congrats! Looks like you did a great job.

Hi there, personally, although currently empty, I think this GitHub - solar2d/awesome-solar2d: Open awesome list of Solar2D stuff is the right place.

There’s also this:

This is better. I forgot about this.

It would be nice if gave it a friendly link.

Thanks for the websites