The emmiter lifespan's duration

Hello, I’m new to solar2d, and I’m hoping to know through this forum if do i have to remove the emitter object using display.remove(object) or object.removeSelf() code when it’s lifespan’s duration ends? Because if I just let the lifespan’s duration go past through, I doubt that the emitter object has cleared it’s display, and wonder that it is still their but invisible. I truly need help thank you.


Quoting docs here:

Particles emitted by an emitter are not automatically removed unless their lifespan completes, nor are they destroyed if they move off screen. If you’re using Composer for scene management, emitters created with display.newEmitter() should be inserted into the Composer scene view (or a child group of the scene view) so that they will be removed when the scene is exited. If you’re not using Composer, you can manually destroy the emitter with object:removeSelf() or display.remove() to remove all particles it generated.

Long story short, it is automatically destroyed when their lifespan is completed.

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Thank you very much bgmadclown, one last question is that when you say “it is automatically destroyed when their lifespan is completed” does that mean destroyed that it is no longer exist on the screen similar to destroying it whith display.remove(object) or object.removeSelf() code?

Destroyed meaning it’s no longer in the memory like it’s removed with display.remove()