The game i wanna build

Yes the game im wanting to develop is an Hack n Slash dungeon crawler action role playing game and wondering if this engine can handle this type of game!?

Well, you are being very general with your descriptions, but yes, if you want to build a 2D game like that, then it is completely doable. How fast or how well you can create that game then depends on your own experience as a game developer and as a programmer.

Well to clarify the game i wanna build is for PC and is a 2d version of a diablo style game…is that possible at all?

Well, Diablo 2 is also just a 2D game. It’s just that it used 3D sprites. And yes, it is perfectly doable to create such a game. However, if this is to be the very first game that you intend to create, I would caution you as such a game wouldn’t be exactly easy to develop.