The impossible task became easier with by just download corona sdk OR what did i get myself into

Its gone a few days since i stumble over this site, was searching for a way to change or improve my old idea making an app to handle my health situation.  Downloaded, did examples and read up and in my mind it seems to be logical and fairly easy language to handle.

 It will be interesting to see how it develops, will i be able to create an app that don´t just look good but has my desired functions and is stable.

I got chronic kidney disease, last stage ( 5 PHD ) and manage to  surprise my docs with low level of medications and been thinking of a way to  easy record the development and with notes. This will if possible improve the treatment procedures to come.

So i will have to learn to implement tables, handle data collected and create an easy to read, easy to handle layout.

So i’m a non programmer, even if i have some experience in pascal who after 30 years got an crazy idea… can i make an app from scratch showing my progress in numbers and graph, that helps me organize current and future medication and help me remember to take them at right time. In addition the track of training and It wont hurt if i also can make the app go… Did i do that when i make an error. I have a great deal of humor, believe anything is possible with the right attitude and help. 

will post how it progress, or scream loudly if i stumble on issues i cant solve.

L Johansson

Welcome to the community and good luck with your project!


Hi Lars,

Please visit :

Here are one app named : business-app-sample

I thong that this app are useful for your project.

Good Luck.