Tile spacing/margin

Hello all,

I am new to Lime (and Corona) and I’ve got a bit of a problem. First, I used the tileset provided by the lime00 tutorial.

This worked great in both Lime and Tiled but when viewing on other devices like iPad Retina, it showed lines between tiles.

After investigating, it was mentioned that a few things could be done about this.

So, I used ImageMagick to split it into tiles and used TexturePacker to repack with a border padding/shape padding of 2 (extrude 0).

Tiled shows the tiles correctly and I created a very basic map. However, Corona shows it completely incorrectly.

After some research, it appears that Corona does not support margin or spacing.

So, I tried to repack the tileset with 0 border padding/shape padding and an extrude of 1 (also tried extrude of 2).

With this, I was unable to get Tiled to properly align the tile set so I could not create a map for testing.

Anyone have an idea for how to modify Lime to support margin/spacing or how to properly setup extrude with Tiled?