Tiled.exe custom physics properties not working with solar 2d

when i downloaded sticker knight platformer game,the physics properties were enabled and i know this because it was set to hybrid draw mode,but then i used tiled to open the sandbox.json file i didn’t edit anything,i just wanted to take a look at how the map was designed,when i saved the file and relaunched the game the physics properties were gone,the sticker hero kept on falling out of the map,i tried so hard to make it work but nothing happened.i’m using PONYTILED,please help,my custom map also cannot do custom properties.

The latest version from GitHub is updated to support the latest version of Tiled.

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i don’t see a download link on the Github site and in the ‘releases’ section it says no releases

You can click the green “Code” button on the upper right corner and select “Download ZIP” to get the project.

I should update the ZIP on itch to point to the GitHub master

This is now updated with all the proper links…

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Ok i got it now,thanks for replying