Transparent android icon background

I made my res folder in android studio and then moved it to my solar2D project. There were some build errors with the /values folder so I took it out because I couldn’t figure out why it was throwing errors. All the images in /res are transparent or have transparent backgrounds, but when the app builds, the icon always comes out with a black background. Is it even possible to get a transparent background on an icon in solar2D?

Update: In android studio, I was using the “Launcher Icons (Adaptive and Legacy)” option. I was trying everything to get the transparent background with the adaptive icon settings. When I switched over to “Launcher Icons (Legacy only)”, I was able to set the shape to none and the icon came out in build with a transparent icon.

Have you checked the documentation for Adaptive Icons? Especially Using different tools to create Android icons part. That could be related to your problem.