Trouble configuring native app with kotlin

This would seem to be basic, but I am going around in circles. I am building a native Android app so that I can use the Google Fit API. All of the examples online for that API are in kotlin.

So, I figured to add a kotlin file to do the API, and call it from my java file.

My app works fine from just the java native integration – call and return value.

I don’t know anything about kotlin, but I copied a kt file that does what I want for the API. But I cannot get it configured into the app.

If I try to just import com.phosphorlearn.SilkRoad.KGetSteps, it cannot find it.

If I try Tools->Kotlin->Configure Kotlin in Project, then I get module not found, and none of the fixes suggested help.

Is there any example of integrating a Kotlin file into a Solar2d Native application?

In case it matters, I started with a copy of one of the native examples, SimpleLuaExtension.