Unable to build for android with Notifications.v2 plugin and Scott's ironSource plugin enabled

Hello, we are trying to build our app for Android on windows with @Scott_Harrison’s ironSource plugin and corona lab’s notifications.v2 plugin enabled. We are able to build the app on mac but on windows, an App:checkReleaseDuplicateClasses error keeps showing up and the build fails (please see the attachment for more details).

Error.txt (50.5 KB)

We are using Solar2d 2020:3621 version on both windows and mac and have tried newer versions but to no avail. If we disable either of the two plugins, the project builds successfully.

Will appreciate any help.

I will look at this tomorrow sorry for late response.

I have only had a little time to today to look at this, but I believe I fixed the issue. I want to run a couple more tests tomorrow before I confirm anything

Ok thanks! I had also emailed you regarding another issue regarding the banner ads:

It seems that despite your previous attempt to correct this, for iOS, the load function proceeds to go straight ahead and displays the banner-- on Android, a banner is being displayed only once show() is called, which I believe is the correct behaviour.

Other than these few minor issues, the plugin is very helpful and works well-- we have already subscribed but with a different ID.

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I tested every adapter with plugin.notifications.v2 and this issue seem to be gone.
Will fix the .load issue on iOS.

Thanks man, really appreciate you acting on this promptly. I can also confirm that the issues with the notifications plugin seem to have gone away after we recently built again after clearing the Solar2D caches-- sorry we wasted your time on this.

Hopefully the iOS fixes for banner ads won’t be too long now :wink:

The iOS load issue should be fixed in 1.6.1(all you should need to do is rebuild)

Hi again, something seems to have gone off with the Android plugin now it seems. The iOS issue is fixed but the build fails on Android. I have tried building after removing all other plugins and am only using your ironSource plugin and the Facebook adapter.

I am getting multiple duplicate class errors all which are associated with the com.google.android.gms.internal.measurement package. There seem to be two versions of the play services jar that are apparently included which appear to cause this (v16.5.0 and v17.1.0)

Things I’ve tried unsuccessfully:

  • All plugins removed. Removing facebook adapter also doesn’t help
  • Deleted cache and allowed plugins to be downloaded afresh
  • Update to the newest Solar2d version

Hopefully you can look into this. Thanks!

I trying to run a couple demos, can you dm me a demo project or email me scottrules44@gmail.com

I’ve tried completely deleting all Corona/Solar2D caches, Android SDK etc and going again but it’s still the same set of errors about the duplicate classes which I’m getting.

I have emailed you a small demo project. Will really appreciate if you can help us get this running.


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This has been patched, I tested with and without the notifications.v2 and was able to get it working.

You may also get crash on opening if you don’t have APPLICATION_ID in android build.settings like so.

android =

    applicationChildElements =
        -- Array of strings
					--Replace value with your APPLICATION_ID


Will add something to docs about this

Thanks. It seems to be resolved now. We’ll carry on ahead with our implementation and I’ll consolidate any issues or suggestions that come up and approach you, if that’s alright.

Also just wanted to point out that it appears that your website does not allow users to resume or restart a subscription. We had previously (some months back) unsubscribed to the IrnSrc plugin since it had some major issues back then and we hadn’t heard back from you for a couple of weeks. When I tried to resubscribe recently after seeing that you had updated the plugin, it did not allow me to manage my subscription and I had to create a new account.

The website is pretty decent and I really like the 7-day trial thing but thought you might want to look at the above issue.

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Thanks for letting me know. The payment service stripe does not support resubscribe natively so I am working around it.

Edit: If you want I can remove the Iron Source plugin from you account so you can resubscribe

got it…
Shoudl be fine for now as I just went ahead and subscribed with my other id but if you find a momemnt please deactivate the plugin from famousdoggstudios@gmail.com