Unchangeable small TextBox font size on iOS 16.1.1 build

On the iOS 16.1.1 build, the TextBox widgets have a small font. I’ve tried setting the size property to 30 and the font size is not changed. I have sample code below. Is anyone else experiencing this and do you know a fix for it?

local composer = require(“composer”)

local scene = composer.newScene()

function scene:create(event)
local textBox = native.newTextBox(display.contentWidth / 2, display.contentHeight / 2, 280, 140)
textBox.isEditable = true
textBox.size = 30
textBox.hasBackground = true
textBox:setTextColor(0, 0, 0)

function scene:destroy(event)

scene:addEventListener(“create”, scene)
scene:addEventListener(“destroy”, scene)

return scene

I looked at one of my apps where I have a Player Box for a player’s name, and I see I used the TextField API, not the TextBox as you have. However, I see I controlled the size using newFont, so maybe I had trouble as well with the object.size property and so went with the font property. Maybe you can do the same to just set the font (name, size) but still using TextBox.

PlayerBox[i] = native.newTextField(95+((i-1)*190), 310, 188, 55 )
PlayerBox[i].font = native.newFont( native.systemFontBold, 36 )
PlayerBox[i].align = “left”
PlayerBox[i].isEditable = true
PlayerBox[i].placeholder = “NAME”

I was able get a working solution using your suggestion. Thank you for the assistance!