Undocumented External Audio Fix Not Working on iPhone but is on iPad and iPod and Android Devices



I’ve been using this undocumented API to allow audio from external apps to continue playing when my Corona apps start.


[lua]if audio.supportsSessionProperty then

   audio.setSessionProperty( audio.MixMode, audio.AmbientMixMode )



As already mentioned, this API is undocumented.  It seems to be working on Android devices and all iOS devices (iPad and iPod) but NOT iPhone.


It is important to me that my users can continue to enjoy their own choice of music while they play my game on iPhone since it’s so widely used.


As this is an unfinished and an undocumented, yet a crucial feature for Corona, I am looking to hire someone to implement this feature to Corona core.  Pls let me know if you are interested.  Thank you!




Unfortunately this is also an unsupported feature.


Hello Isaiah,


I’d Glad to assist you.

PM Sent, Please Check.

Very Best Regards

Carter W

Just a heads up for other developers encountering this issue. The code that Isaiah had posted started working with iPhone as well once it was moved to the start of main.lua. It was originally placed in a sfx.lua module, where it worked for Android devices, as well as iPods/iPads, but not iPhone.

If anyone has any ideas on why this is the case, I’m sure others would be interested in the why as well.