Unity ads banner

Hi everyone, I’ve got some problem with unity ads banner: they do not show even in test mode, despite the video ones show in both production and testing mode.

I’m using :
unityads.init( unityAdListener, { gameId = mygameId, testMode = true }
unityads.init( unityAdListener, { gameId = mygameId }

and :

Has anyone got the same problem?
Thank you in advance

I got rather excited there for a moment at the prospect of Unity banners! My understanding is that there is no support in Solar2D for Unity banners. From the docs:

“Unity Ads video interstitial; rewarded video”

I truly wish there was support for Unity banners (unless I’m mistaken and there is support for them?) as AppLovin banners are broken. See my post here: AppLovin Banners

Maybe they will be added at some point in the future?

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You can use my ironsource plugin and display unity banner ads. Just ironsource and the isunity adapter if that is all you want.


Thanks for mentioning that agramonte - much appreciated! I will certainly take a look at it. Best wishes. :slight_smile:

Thank you agramonte :+1:

they are here in case you missed it: https://github.com/agramonte/com.cabagomez

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