Urgent Major Bugs In Versions After Solar2D-Windows-2021.3660


Hello Guys,

In Short:
any build after Solar2D-Windows-2021.3660 caused endless problems … i had to go back to this build to fix things up

In Details:
I have a social app called Bond, working perfectly, i downloaded this build 2021.3662 and made a new apk, tested it on my lenovo phone and simulator, it worked perfectly then released it to play store

i noticed that my daily users got decreased significantly, then days later people started commenting on my app saying its not working, although it was working on my phone, so i tested it on Huawei P30 Lite and i was shocked it was not moving beyond the intro screen!!!
The first problem i found was with this command

device_ID=system.getInfo( "deviceID" )

Which seem to have changed for newer operating systems or phones, so i followed Solar2D and fixed it by requiring permissions, then i faced a bigger problem

network.request command is not working anymore … actually working on my Lenovo (or older devices) but not working on new ones like Huawei P30 Lite … just not working … as simple as that … no event listener fires nothing …

just tried installing 2021.3663 which was out hours ago … same problem

so just by installing 2021.3660 and compiling … everything works fine again

Thought you should know

Since that time cleartext domains do not work. you have to have https in the URL. If you want to use cleartext request, you can add a manual exception, otherwise your apps would be rejected by google play.
Refer to this post for instructions: Permitting cleartext on specific domains