URL schemes found in your app are disallowed (solved)

I’ve got two url schemes in my build.settings:
LSApplicationQueriesSchemes = {'yandexmaps','youtube'},
Seems like it’s ok, as always.

But here comes the brand new error from Apple Transporter app when you are trying to submit the build to AppStore:

Asset validation failed (90155)
The following URL schemes found in your app are disallowed: [youtube] (ID: c9e2a880-8361-4421-aaa3-1633f49f0876)

And that’s the error, not warning.
Version 2022.3683 (2022.11.5).

@Scott_Harrison @vlads , any ideas?

May be remove youtube? It seems you can’t do that anymore

But if this key no longer works, maybe some other one has appeared? Just a couple of days ago I sent the build and everything was fine.

Well, now I see what’s happened. It was a conflict between CFBundleURLTypes and LSApplicationQueriesSchemes.

As I see, in CFBundleURLTypes Apple expects only this app’s own schema. Very own stuff to be called outside this app to pass some params directly into it. This way Apple says, that there is no need to add YouTube query scheme inside your own app, it’s not working any more.

But LSApplicationQueriesSchemes (recommended) is used to call another apps directly from this app and describes the best way to specify the call schemes.

So do not step on this rake again.