use Corona to develop software for data processing and analysis

 Hi, I am a developer of the Lua-DataVis-Plugin ( In fact, I have been using Lua and Corona for only two months :slight_smile: I like Corona for its speed, cross-platform and simplicity. And I would like to discuss my idea with you.

Why not use Corona to develop software for data processing and analysis? Yes, I know about programs like Matlab, Mathematica, Mathcad, Jupiter notebook or at least Excel :slight_smile: And I’m not going to “reinvent the wheel” :slight_smile: But, the Lua language is very fast, and in Corona it is not difficult to create 2D / 3D graphics. What if I try to make a simple and intuitive interface for working with data?

Here is a short list of tasks that a program should be able to:

  1. Presentation of raw data in 2D / 3D. Data can be downloaded from a text file, from a DBMS (for example MySQL), received via HTTP requests.

  2. Manipulating data using graphical interface elements, without entering text commands. I thought about cross-platform, I would like users to be able to fully use the program from any device, starting from a mobile phone, ending with SmartTV

  3. Saving processed data in a text file, database, and so on.

How do you like this idea? Will it be in demand? What features would you add?

Your project sounds quite difficult and I am not talking about just the development. Also, as Corona doesn’t support out of the box 3D graphics, you’d need to come up with your own solution.

There are plenty of well-established and popular software, including free and open source ones, that are great for data processing and statistical analysis. Creating one for yourself using Corona would in fact be about reinventing the wheel.

Your idea of having just graphical interface elements and no text commands, if it really means that the users wouldn’t need to enter text, would be unique, but it wouldn’t be appealing to those who are serious about that data processing and statistical analysis. So, you’d be going after the more casual market… which I frankly don’t know if it even exists. Now, if you are talking about creating a UI like in Excel or SPSS, then there’s really no reason to get started with the project unless you are just making it for yourself. If this is a “for profit” project, then I would think twice.