Using CoronaCards

Hi there,
I‘m considering using CoronaCards in a native app to have better control over Admob, IAPs etc.
A very long time ago I was using plugins for these but soon found out that they either didn’t work as I wanted them to, or, became outdated sooner than I expected.
So, what if I just use CoronaCards and handle everything not related to core gameplay in the native environment.
It sounds quite easy to do, or am I missing something?

If there’s a plugin available for what you’re trying to accomplish, it’s generally easier working with the creator of the plugin by pointing out any issues or missing features. A plugin that works is not only MUCH easier to integrate into the project but any improvements benefit the entire community.

Native development with Corona cards is something that we only consider as a last resort and it can be time consuming plus you still have to debug extensively and test features on the native SDKs too.

This might not universally apply to everyone though-- if someone gets quite comfortable with native development for solar2d, I can see it having some serious advantages.

Good points. I see… I’ve been working on some native apps for Android and iOS, so I already some experience there.