Very Strange Black Image Texture Bug

Hey guys, I have a very rare and very strange bug. I’ve opened my app hundreds of times and only seen this once. I’ve had a few players send me screenshots of it on various Android devices, and it seems very rare for them as well. I had it happen on my iOS device.

Some display.newImageRect() are simply loading as black squares. Some of the images are from a sprite sheet and others are not. It happened with both kinds and seemingly at random. Some stuff showed fine but other stuff didn’t. I’ve never been able to reproduce it again. I’m not using any fancy snapshots or masking. Simply creating a display.newImageRect() and putting it on the screen.

Anyone seen anything like this before? Never seen it in the simulator after 1000s of reloads, and only once ever on my iOS device with hundreds of play sessions. Players didn’t start complaining about this until a couple months ago so it seems like something from a recent daily?