WARNING: iOS builds require...

Can someone explain to me that I need to declare in the build.setting file?

I get this when compiling:

WARNING: iOS builds require iphone.plist.UILaunchStoryboardName or iphone.plist.UILaunchImages in build.settings

But compile the same and the application works perfectly. At least during development.

We have been using this statement in our plist in build.settings. This was a requirement that was added by Apple some time back and subsequently, Corona/Solar have started to include a blank iOS storyboard in their template projects called “LaunchScreen.storyboardc”. If you do not wish to use this storyboard, you may have to create one in xcode and specify that as your launch storyboard.

UILaunchStoryboardName = “LaunchScreen”,

There’s a detailed guide on this towards the bottom of this page- https://docs.coronalabs.com/guide/distribution/buildSettings/index.html#custom-app-icons

If you use the default LaunchScreen.storyboardc file in an existing project, you must include the UILaunchStoryboardName key within the plist table so that iOS recognizes the existence of the file.
Question. If I don’t use any storyboard, should I still do everything as if I would be using it?
By default I must add the blank storyboard and declare it in plist, inside build.setting.This is yes or yes.

As per the documentation it is a requirement to specify the launch screen so unless you are making your own from xcode, I believe you will need to use the default one regardless of whether you use it or not

Then it is enough that the file LaunchScreen.storyboardc is located in the same folder as the entire application and so it is referenced in plist within build.setting. That is enough.
I just did the test and the Corona simulator alert disappeared. It is a good signal.
I appreciate the explanation. Thank you for being so long and patient.
Hugs from argentina.

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