Web export - chromium Text position issue [FIXED]

Hello everyone!

Export on Web - there is a Text-issue on chrome based browser.
(Safari works fine)

  • the alignment of the Text is to Y not correct on the Browser.

Is there a hack to resolve the issue?
Has anybody a idea how to fix it?

  • Idea is to get the Browser-Type via Javascript (chromium based browsers)
  • Set Textboxes Y-Pos by value x down…
  • Maybe change Font

Here a Screen from the example Project:

Example Project - Export:
Testing-Web.zip (70.4 KB)

We want to create a additional Quiz Web-App, here is the current status:

Thanks for Help.

I found a quick solution.
If it is a browser then JavaScript is used to query whether it is a chrome browser.
If applicable, the text fields are adjusted as follows:

myText.anchorY= 0.38

See a Quick-Fix here in the Example:
FIX-Web.zip (71.0 KB)

Screenshot of the Fix-Example:

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