What happens to ads with new iOS 14.5 if...

I wonder what happens to Solar2D apps showing ads (admob) when I not update them for iOS14.5 ?
Will something not working at all or is it working but bad performing, or what?

The short answer:
What will happen is that without the prompt all your users will be “no” and you will not get any credit for the installs you provide. I think AdMob is CPC by default but I might be wrong so your impact might be minor.

My experience:
So far I can say that I am getting about a 40% reduction in eCPM for users that select “no”. In two apps the “no” response is fairly low but for one app it is hovering at about 80% “no”. My hope is that the eCPM improves once most people are “no”. It makes some edge countries that I use to advertise in not feasible.

Unity switched my advertising from CPI to CPM and I went from paying low .20 for installs to a few dollars per installed.

My Apple Ad search ads I am getting fewer installs since maybe more people are using it. I believe they are the only ones that can count the install once the person downloads it from the store (since they control both).

I am in the process of testing the ironsource built-in pre-dialog. Once deployed I am going to see if it helps the “no” ratio.

Thanks for the detailed info! Much appreciated!