What plugins would you like to see available for Corona SDK

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Update to Game Center and GPGS

I’ve spent weeks on HTML text rendering. We need a good HTML text render plugin.

OR, at least, give us API access to “uifont” so we can get accurate font attributes for a given font at a given size! I need ascender, xHeight, etc., to render text.

@mimetic Apologies for the rather halfway state of the docs, but on the latter point, might something like this work? At the moment it’s a pretty thin veneer over stb_truetype (so *.ttf files), without any attempt at making the API Lua-friendly, but you can get a hint of what it contains. In theory it all works (everything listed in the docs is bound), but that would be quite a surprise if true in fact.  :slight_smile:

It’s probably going to be a while yet before I can give this some attention again (a few other plugins have been keeping me quite busy!), but once I did I was meaning to also stress-test it against the various font projects in the wild (namely yours and the two or three for bitmap fonts).

StarCrunch, it looks great! How would I use it, or get access, or whatever? I don’t code C, so I’m not sure what to do next!

I assume it gets the real font metrics, which hopefully would make my TextRender more accurate.

If it doesn’t get those metrics, I assume something’s broken.  :slight_smile:

Later I can PM you some desktop binaries, if you’d like to play around with them. The mobile versions might be a while coming, for the reasons mentioned.

I would like to see a plugin that let me interact with the motion coprocessors of the iPhones.

I’m not able to write an external piece of code to read datas from the chip. It would be great if Corona offered this built-in feature