Which ad plugins work with amazon?

Are there any free ad plugins that work on the amazon app store?

I’ve used Appodeal there, but you can’t include a couple of networks like Ogury and Yandex IIRC.

AppLovinMAX works with Amazon, as do AdMob, Vungle, Chartboost and AdColony.

Does the legacy AppLovin plugin still work on amazon devices?

Applovin does not work with Amazon. I currently use my Ironsource plugin for Amazon. I recently updated it:

And currently has the following networks integrated with Amazon:
--------------- AdColony
SDK Version - 4.8.0

--------------- APS Network
SDK Version - 4.8.0

--------------- AdColony
SDK Version - 4.8.0

--------------- Chartboost
SDK Version - 8.3.1

--------------- Google (AdMob and Ad Manager)
SDK Version - 21.5.0

--------------- IronSource

--------------- Tapjoy
SDK Version - 12.11.1

--------------- Vungle
SDK Version - 6.12.1

Does the Kidoz plugin work on amazon devices for the amazon app store?

No. I couldn’t get it to work. For me, it showed ads for the Google Store.

For what it is worth here is the official list from Amazon:

Thanks for all your help!

I wish the Solar2d docs for the ad plugins indicated if they worked with Amazon.