Why does Corona SDK use Build Servers for Android?

Windows and HTML seem to be able to build offline, why does Android require build server/internet?

Corona used to have a paid subscription model and the build servers were a form a DRM.

Desktop and HTML builds came at a much later date, when Corona was already free, so there was no need for DRM.

So is there plans to get this also worked out offline or what? Because this is the only thing that’s discouraging me from jumping into Corona sdk

Corona Labs Inc. and Corona SDK are gone.

The new engine is called Solar2D, which does have offline builds. The transition process is still ongoing though, which is why you can still find references to Corona.

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So it’s safe to assume android builds will be offline soon?

Like I already said, If you are using Solar2D builds, then the build process is already offline.

If you are using the Corona builds from the old website, then no.

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But I am using the one from solar2d’s website. without internet, android build no longer works (but html and windows still does)

What version of Solar2D are you using?

If you are using plugins in your project that are downloaded from the Interwebz, then that may be the cause. I’m not sure if there is some other issue that the engine tries to check before building, which ought to be fixed, but to my knowledge, the build process itself is offline.

I am using the latest (I started Solar2D/Corona sdk today/yesterday) and am not using any plugins

Without internet, this is what comes up. And the first time I built android apk, during the build it said something about connecting to build server

So, version 2020.3600? Please check from your simulator.

I don’t know what issue you might be, but perhaps someone else does.

Yes, that’s the version

Perhaps you can try testing it to determine whether it’s just me or if it’s the engine? Simply turn off wifi and attempt to build android

This is a keystore/signing issue, not a build issue


  1. First build it did say connecting to build server
  2. Works with internet, but not without

Perhaps you should try the repro I’ve mentioned just before to see if it’s just me or if it’s the sdk?

So is this a bug?

This is what I am talking about, came up once again


I don’t have a windows computer to test this on, but yeah it looks like a bug

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I’m still using the final version of Corona. I haven’t had the time to change to Solar2D builds yet as I have been busy working on several live projects.

I don’t know about the keystore thing but @vlads told me that “Communicating with build server” was an outdated string. Changed the string and offered an update through GitHub and it seems to be included in the latest build(3601). It should be gone now.