Why I can drag mouse to change the border of textfield?

When I use native.newTextField and run the application, I found there have two triangles on the either side of textfield. I can change the size of textfield by drag mouse in triangle area.
Although really size not change, but I don’t lIke this behavior. How can I fix the border of textfield?

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Are you seeing the triangles when you’re running just the sample code from the docs?

Are you seeing this on the simulator or on devices? And on what platform(s)?

Given that it is a native display object, i.e. set by the OS and not Solar2D, it might not be possible to change it. I’m not seeing this behaviour on Windows.

Both emulators and devices have this problem. My development environment is ubuntu22.04. Attached is simulator running effect, and the code is officially provided.

Sorry for the delay.

I’m not familiar with Linux, but I’d wager that as Linux isn’t quite at feature parity with Win/Mac yet, and as the two other desktop platforms don’t have such a feature in their native text fields, that enabling/disabling that arrow is either undocumented or not yet supported in Solar2D core.

ChatGpt tell me that The triangle is drag handle of Linux text editor.It is determined by GTK. Setting the GTK property can change it, but I haven’t tried it yet. Now, I am codeing in windows platform