Windows build- "Failed to compile plugin lua scripts"

Getting this error after I’ve set up Solar2D on a windows PC and when I attempt to make a Windows build. I write the code on my mac and it’s a simple test project with not a lot going on-- on windows, it executes without any issues in the simulator but I get this error when I try to make a windows build.

I’ve not managed to find anything about this error so would appreciate any insights if someone knows what’s going on.

In AppData, I can see that most of the plugins are downloaded similar to how things work on my Mac and I don’t get any issues while running inside the simulator environment.

just bumping this in case there are any suggestions from anyone. There is no error/warning displayed to console, project runs on simulator and builds fine for iOS, Android but throws this message in a dialog box and aborts Windows build.

@Scott_Harrison I was exploring this further and noticed the following errors when attempting to build for Windows:

17:33:36.034  BUILD ERROR: C:\Users\ xxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\Corona Labs\Win32 Build a00640\obj\..\Plugins\PaxHeader\plugin_ironSource.lua:1: unexpected symbol near '30'
17:33:36.034  ERROR: Could not complete build because there were compile errors in Lua file: C:\Users\xxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\Corona Labs\Win32 Build a00640\obj\..\Plugins\PaxHeader\plugin_ironSource.lua

Seems like this is an issue with the ironSource plugin but possibly minor-- would you be able to look at this?

Yes will take a look

Should be fixed for now

Still getting the same error on latest solar2d build. Have cleared out all plugins and let them download/cache again so let me know if I need to do anything specific to work around this.

Attaching screen grabs for the error and also for the file that seems to be referenced in the error.