Working With Curved Path Help!

I wonder if any one has a copy of the sample files of this tutorial, Working With Curved Paths by Brent Sorrentino?

It is from 2014 and the links to download the sample code in the tutorial are broken.

Yes, I have it.  PM with your email and I’ll send it to you.  I also have another path drawing demo I’ll send for good measure.

Thanks sporkfin, I just sen you a PM.

On their way.  To anyone else, I saved a bunch of the old demos so if you ever find one missing, let me know and I’ll check for it.

Hi Sporkfin, would you be kind enough to share the sample files of Working with curved paths by Brent Sorrentino?

I sent a PM with the file

I have received it. Thank you!

Happy Coding,
@sporkfin Can I get the Working with Curved Paths code and also the old demo codes.
Thank you in advance.

p/s I tried to DM but I got error msg saying cannot send PM to that user (Maybe because I just join)

At this point, it sounds like it’d be less of a hassle for @sporkfin to upload a zip here. :smiley:

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@XeduR - Haha , I’m still thinking we are in the old forums and PM the files. Here they are (259.9 KB)

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Thank you very much!! @sporkfin
@XeduR thanks for your msg too.