Wrong collision sensing "event.contact.isTouching"

Collision listeners: local function sensorL\_Collide(event) if event.contact.isTouching then sensorL.collide = true if event.other.type then sensorL.groundType = event.other.type end else sensorL.collide = false sensorL.groundType = "None" end end local function sensorR\_Collide(event) if event.contact.isTouching then sensorR.collide = true if event.other.type then sensorR.groundType = event.other.type end else sensorR.collide = false sensorR.groundType = "None" end end ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enter frame: if not sensorL.collide and not sensorR.collide then isGrounded = false else isGrounded = true end print(tostring(sensorL.collide).." "..tostring(sensorR.collide).." "..tostring(isGrounded)) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ sensorL:addEventListener("collision", sensorL\_Collide) sensorR:addEventListener("collision", sensorR\_Collide)

“sensorX.collide” and “sensorX.groundType” - additional non-system variables

I know about “tutorial/games/nonPhysicalCollision/index.html” but I think this a very bad approach to invent such crutches while there is already a system that should work.

Time between sensor falls from “ground” to “platform” is few frames while iterations go three times every frame by default. 

Any ideas? Something missed? Something missunderstanding? Please?

ALSO <pre> and <post> collision event is NOT WORKING if object.isSensor = TRUE but works great if an object IS NOT SENSOR!!! 

Now the problem is partially solved:

  1. Sensors deleted because post-collision event is not working for sensors

  2. Post-collision event is firing for main body and <isTouching> works great

  3. Comparing <event.y> coordinate with main body bottom. If true -> collision happens with ground

very bad because I can have a circular located rotating sensors for some advanced cases…

Good to hear you’ve solved your problem at least partially.

Now, sorry, but what are the remaining issues that you are facing?