Xcode and sdk mismatch

Oddly, my MacBook M1 Pro running Ventura 13.0.1 attempted to automatically download Xcode 15.2. Strangely, it doesn’t support Ventura. Isn’t that strange? So I deleted it and have no installed the latest version Xcode 14.2, but again, a new iOS mismatch. I can’t find 14.1 to revert back to it. On top of all this, I’m not able to access my Profiles on my Mac. Does anyone know what’s going on here?

You’ll notice that even when I tried to revert to 14.1, this link only takes me to 14.2

Do we need a new Solar2D build to support Xcode 14.2?

You should be able to find it in the developer portal, in the additional downloads section

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@Arteficio got the 14.1 from your link - THANK YOU!

the issue with my profiles was just related to the timing of expired certs, so I corrected it by recreating a new CSR, a single Apple Development certificate and then updated the Profiles for each app accordingly. Done.

First of all you can download any Xcode from Apple
Click on link after you log in.
Also convenient site with links:

And I’m already working on 14.2 support

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And…what about support multiple versions of Xcode? Update Xcode sometimes is a terrible pain!

Multiple versions of Xcode already supported. Just not all of them. You can see supported version in drop-down when building iOS app.

sorry, you are right!