ZeroBrane Studio Corona API 2020.3606

Hi guys!
I am using ZeroBrane Studio as my IDE for Corona (Solar2D) development.
In the current version 1.90 we still have an outdated Corona API converted from CoronaSDK-APIDOC-2017-3068.
It is missing several properties like display.safeActual..

Yesterday I managed to generate an updated table based on current API docs 2020.3606
Since it wasn’t a straight forward process (needed to modify generation script and run some regex to strip HTML tags), I thought I’d share it with the community, in case anybody needs it. I am using this new API since yesterday with no issues. (35.6 KB)


Cool! Thank´s.

Nice work!

How about uploading this to GitHub with simple installation instructions(like Solar2D Editor for example) so we can add this to documentation as the ZeroBrane Studio package?

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I am not sure how to go about GitHub, since this is nothing new, ZeroBrane supports corona out of the box, it’s just that the API is somewhat outdated. Maybe I should submit it to for inclusion?

Also, there is no installation - just replace the corona.lua in ZeroBraneStudio\api\lua

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Submitting the changes, definitely a far better idea. I’m not aware of how ZeroBrane works but that would benefit more developers.

Here is a better version, more complete ( ran the original script on markdown set instead of HTML). Don’t know how to delete original attachment. (37.6 KB)

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This has been merged into master repo:

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Great work, thank you.