Add the Notification Content App Extension to Notification plugin

I want to put images on the notifications.
According to Apple, I should be able to do that with NotificationContentExtension.

The problem is that we can’t add images to notifications because the plugin that Solar2d provides doesn’t support the protocol above.

Hope that this protocol can be added to the plugin as soon as possible.

An example of what I’m trying to achieve.

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Are you trying to achieve this with local or remote notifications? I believe images are supported with remote notifications

We are using local notifications. Possible to allow them too?

This document says local notifications can also include attachments like sound, image and video.

For local notifications, add attachments when creating the notification’s content.

On local level,
On iOS it’s should be possible to make a custom plugin or add/fork the exist plugin to add to images.
On Android, some core stuff need to be exposed more to practically use in the existing plugin or new plugin
As I said on discord I would put in a feature request

OK thanks. I’ll look to see if we’re able to make a PR, if not a feature request.