Amazon IAP V3 broken??


Basically having the same issues as this person:

Set everything up properly (migrating from the old plugin). Setup the tester app with the JSON file. Enabled the debug stuff following amazon’s instructions:

I’ve tried using a debug keystore and my real one - makes no difference.

It always gets a “failed” state for the store.loadProducts() callback. The error messages returned don’t tell you anything other than “failed”. I know basically nobody uses Amazon IAP, but I’m hoping there’s at least 1 person with this issue!

In the other thread that you linked, people mentioned using version 2 of the plugin instead. Could you share sample code of how you’re using V3?

Seems like the store won’t even initialize for me. I worked backwards and eliminated as much code as possible and found that it doesn’t even respond to store.init() as you’d expect.

Literally copy/pasted the sample code and removed all of my own stuff. Using the sample code from here:

And also requiring the plugin in build.settings and I have the AppstoreAuthenticationKey.pem file that I got from my Amazon Appstore dashboard.

Tested this with debug builds using Amazon App Tester and also with a live production build from the Amazon Appstore itself. Same issue, so it’s not related to some kind of config in production vs debug.

It fails even when you only call store.init() as you can see in the screenshot (displayed using an in-game popup instead of printing to console):

I don’t think anyone has gotten this to work. Would you consider entering this as an issue in GitHub?

That’s usually the best way to get Scott and Vlad to give things engineering attention.


Good idea. I posted it there under the Amazon IAP Plugin. Not sure if these plugin issues get checked as often as the main brach and the issues listed there.

I did eventually go back to the V2 and got it to work just fine. Although with the loss of GameSparks, I might just abandon Amazon fire altogether now.

Will take a look


Hello thank you for your response.
I confirm it is still broken I hope this will be fixed soon because it’s blocked in app purchase with amazon.


You should still be able to use the older version:

That’s what I’m using, and I process thousands of in-app purchases per month.

Thank you.

I’ll try the old version and report back. I think I tried the old one and was still having the same issues.

Still can’t seem to get it working with the old plugin. @Yvan did you have any luck?

Hello @naveen_pcs
I used the old plugin in the game “” and its working.
Here is my file :

  1. in the “build.settings”:
    As you can see in the picture below, I set the old amazon plugin (and also the admob from google to show ad inside the application and everything is ok)

  2. In a custom file “iapAmazon.lua”, I called the plugin amazon.

  3. on amazon I create the in-app-purchase item :

  4. I can buy it on the app downloaded from amazon appstore
    As you can see the price from “localizedPrice” coming back well and the buy process is done well.


This should have been fixed btw sorry for late reply for v3

I used the “live app testing” for testing, and everything is ok.

iap v3

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