Android SDK 33 - bad argument #2 to 'newSprite' (ImageSheet expected, got nil)

I have a problem with the latest build on android (2023.3693). I just updated my app without changing anything in the code, and I get this error:
Runtime Error bad argument #2 to ‘newSprite’ (ImageSheet expected, got nil)
Works well on the simulator.

If it works on simulator and fails on device, likely it is ‘case sensitive’ in the path for the texture used by the imageSheet - check to make sure spelling and case match!

Until this port, the application worked ok (it has been available in the store for several years), only after compiling for android (2023.3693) a problem appeared.

This problem occurs where it is used in the code

There has been a few complaints about this, this actually resolves it.

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Thanks for your help, what you wrote solves the problem.

Did it work for you using Simulator on Mac or Native ?

Yes, it helped me