Application without internet access

Hi people,
I have an app that accesses the internet, my androi app hasn’t worked for 2 months, it says it doesn’t have internet access, I put the permission “android.permission.INTERNET” in usesPermissions in the build.settings file, on IOS the app works

You may need to give more details and a make your question clearer for us to help.

Sounds like a cleartext issue.

Try typing “cleartext” into the forum search and you’ll get a few post discussing the issue and how to correct it.

I from Brazil. Use Google tradutor, Sorry.
Acho que o problema foi a versão do Corona Simulator instalado, coloquei uma versão antiga e funfionou. Thanks

The reason it works when you build with a version prior to 3661 is that in older versions cleartext is still allowed by default on Android builds. However, Play Store policy is to reject apps that allow cleartext. This means that it works when you load it on device via ADB, but it will likely be rejected by Play Store review when you go to do an update with it.

The fix is to change all your http:// addresses to https:// or add a security exception for specific domains.

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