Appodeal 2.6.3 when?

Well, it seems pretty much the same. I don’t do the permission check but other than that, it’s all the same. Also, tried disabling some of the networks like you said but no, fill rates are still horrible. It’s %0 for 112 requests today!

Facing an error like this, I’d like to request a feature for the new version of SDK @vlads . If it’s possible, we could definitely use more detailed responses in case of an error. It just seems to say “failed to load” with no further information. That information would be pretty useful.

Hi!, what about with this plugin update? is already online?

How soon is the update planned?

Hey guys. 2.6.4+ is up for couple days already. May I ask to test your builds?


Vlads, how to use the 2.6.4+ ? We need adjust something in the build.settings ?

Today I use in plugins node :
[‘plugin.appodeal.beta.base’] = { publisherId = ‘com.coronalabs’ } , etc

How to force the build to use the 2.6.4+ ?

Another things:

  • 2.6.4+ solved the problem with webviews ?
  • This version work to Corona 2020.3583 ?

I can test the plugin for Android and iOS, only give me a hint to my questions ok :slight_smile:


You need to use Solar2D 2020.3601 to get appodeal 2.6.4. Please shift to offline builds as moving forward offline builds will be actively developed. I have published few apps using it and everything is fine with the build process for me now.

Checkout the changelog from appodeal

I updated I so all builds can use it, new and 3583.
If it crashes you may need to add AdMob adapter to iOS plots settings as per docs


Is the plugin updated to 2.6.4? Appodeal fixed the problem with the Vungle SDK only in sdk version So now you still can’t use the plugin? Need to disable the Vungle SDK?

Yes, Vungle adapter is, all adapters are latests in 2.6.4.+ branch

I would be very careful using the Vungle in Appodeal. I received a notice from Vungle that 6.7.0 addresses the issue and that apps using other versions might be pulled on July 15th from the Google store. The version in of Appodeal is not 6.7.0.

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