Appodeal for Android still at 2.11.1?

macOS: 13.6.1
solar2d: 3299

The docs say it should be up to 3.0.2, but all I get is 2.11.1. I deleted the plugin cache and it downloaded fresh files, but it’s still 2.11.1

Beta grabs 3.2.0.beta1, but it doesn’t load any (test) ads

D/Appodeal(13055): SDK-Public [Initialize]: v3.2.0-beta.1/031023 initialized,
appKey: xxx, package name: xxx
D/Appodeal(13055): SDK-Public [Initialize]: Current device is: Real Device
D/Appodeal(13055): SDK-Public [Initialize]: For Corona v1.0.0
D/Appodeal(13055): SDK-Public [Initialize]: Google play services version: 12451000
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: A4g - ver. 22.3.0
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: Adcolony - ver. 4.8.0
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: Admob - ver. 22.3.0
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: Admob_native - ver. 22.3.0
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: Admob_mediation - ver. 22.3.0
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: Applovin - ver. 11.11.3
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: Gam - ver. 22.3.0
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: Facebook - ver. 6.16.0
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: Mintegral - ver. MAL_16.5.11
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: Inmobi - ver. 10.5.8
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: My_target - ver. 5.18.0
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: Notsy - ver. 22.3.0
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: Unity_ads - ver. 4.8.0
D/Appodeal(13055): Network [Info]: Vungle - ver. 6.12.1
E/Appodeal(13055): ATTENTION:
E/Appodeal(13055):      Adapters are not registered in you app:
E/Appodeal(13055):              appodeal, bidmachine, mraid, vast.
E/Appodeal(13055):      Please add the dependencies for them to improve your fill rates and increase revenue.
E/Appodeal(13055):      If you are sure that you do not need these adapters, skip this warning.
D/Appodeal(13055): AdvertisingProfile [Extract]:
GoogleAdvertisingProfile(id='xxx', isLimitAdTrackingEnabled=false, isAdvertisingIdWasGenerated=false)
D/Appodeal(13055): Service [Initialize Failed]: [criteo]: not found
D/Appodeal(13055): SDK-Public [Appodeal]: initialize. Error during executing method -
D/Appodeal(13055): Interstitial [Initialize]: done
D/Appodeal(13055): Interstitial [Cache]: isDebug: false, isLoaded: false, isLoading: false
D/Appodeal(13055): SDK-Public [Appodeal]: setTesting. testing: true
D/Appodeal(13055): SDK [Dump]: Interstitial waterfall:
D/Appodeal(13055):   Ads:
D/Appodeal(13055):     Test ad (Mraid), eCPM: 0.00;
D/Appodeal(13055): Interstitial [Load Failed]: ADAPTER NOT FOUND (8)
 ---- Appodeal --
        ['plugin.appodeal.beta.base']               = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},

        ['plugin.appodeal.beta.GoogleAdMob']        = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
        ['plugin.appodeal.beta.AdColony']           = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
        ['plugin.appodeal.beta.Bidmachine']         = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
        ['plugin.appodeal.beta.AppLovin']           = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
--     ['plugin.appodeal.beta.Chartboost']         = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
        ['plugin.appodeal.beta.FacebookAudience']   = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
        ['plugin.appodeal.beta.InMobi']             = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
        ['plugin.appodeal.beta.Mobvista']             = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
--        ['plugin.appodeal.beta.InnerActive']        = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
--        ['plugin.appodeal.beta.IronSource']         = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
          ['plugin.appodeal.beta.MyTarget']           = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
--        ['plugin.appodeal.beta.Smaato']             = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
--        ['plugin.appodeal.beta.Tapjoy']             = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
          ['plugin.appodeal.beta.Unity']              = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
          ['plugin.appodeal.beta.Vungle']             = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
 --       ['plugin.appodeal.beta.Ogury']              = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},
--        ['plugin.appodeal.beta.Yandex']             = {publisherId = 'com.coronalabs'},

wird… It should be 3.2 now…

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Will take a look at the test ads issue for Beta.
I think android is still on 2.11.1 but iOS is on 3.0.2, will get Android updated this week, don’t know how this was overlooked :slight_smile:

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Were you able to take a look at this?

I just updated Appodeal Android to 3.1.3 note this also raises min Android sdk to 21